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International Teachers’ Day and Vietnamese Teachers’ Day

World Teachers’ Day, abbreviated as WTD (World Teachers’ Day) is a day celebrated annually on October 5. Vietnam Teachers’ Day is celebrated annually on November 20.

History of Teachers’ Day

In 1949, at Vacsava international conference, the FISE organization officially announced a charter regarding teachers and educational employees that included 15 chapters in total. The charter’s content mainly revolved around the fight between modern education systems against its bourgeois and feudal counterpart; protecting the legitimate substantial and mental rights of everyone involvements in educational field.

World Teachers’ Day, abbreviated as WTD (World Teachers’ Day) is an international holiday initiated by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization in 1994, celebrated annually on October 5, dedicated to drawing public attention to the status of teachers, their role in shaping and developing society, while mobilizing support for teachers and to ensure that the needs of future generations continue to be met by teachers.

What is the Teacher’s Day in Vietnam?

Vietnam Teachers’ Day (or Vietnamese Teachers’ Charter Day) is an annual anniversary celebrated on November 20 in Vietnam. In Vietnam, Teacher’s Day is set aside to praise the country’s spirit of being deferential to your teacher and having respect for morals by showing gratitude and respect to teachers.

3D flower popup card

The Teacher’s Day in Vietnam is a festival of education to honor those who work in the field. This day is an opportunity for generations of students to express their gratitude to teachers with bouquets of flowers, greeting cards and sincere congratulations.

Organizations, unions and schools also organize celebrations, cultural activities to show the appreciation and honor of the whole society for teachers. Especially, pay attention to teachers who have strived and innovated in teaching.

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Give the 3D popup cards to celebrate Vietnamese Teachers’ Day

Popup cards are meaningful gifts, a form of expressing gratitude and respect for teachers along with meaningful wishes will be the best gratitude for teachers.

In addition to having spiritual value and a deep meaning of gratitude, popup cards are also priceless memorabilia that each teacher can keep through each generation of students.

Our 3D popup cards are used with high quality color paperboard from textures to lining, outer covers.

3D popup cards are designed with many designs suitable for Vietnamese Teachers’ Day such as 3D flower popup cards with square sizes (15 x 15cm) or rectangular 3D cards (15 x 20cm).

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Every detail of the 3D popup card is meticulously perfected by us, from design to assembly, each worker in the process of making is emotionally sending his or her affection to each one. Each popup card has the role of conveying messages and spreading affection from the sender to the recipient, for HMG, each card contains affection from the moment it is made.

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