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Introducing HMG’s Custom 3D Pop-up Card Design and Crafting Service

Introducing HMG's Custom 3D Card Design and Crafting Service

In modern life, businesses increasingly use unique and meaningful gifts to show affection and care to customers, partners, and employees. Embracing this trend, HMG is proud to be one of the pioneers in Vietnam offering custom 3D pop-up card design and crafting services with sophisticated, unique, and creative 3D pop-up cards.

Unique and Meaningful 3D Card Designs

HMG understands that each card is a spiritual gift carrying special messages and emotions. Therefore, we constantly strive to create unique 3D card designs that help our clients convey meaningful messages in the most impressive way. Each 3D card from HMG is a piece of art created through the skillful hands of artisans and the boundless creativity of our design team.

HMG’s 3D cards are not only visually stunning but also diverse in design, suitable for various occasions and events. From birthday cards, anniversary cards, and wedding invitations to special holidays like Christmas, Lunar New Year, or Mother’s Day, HMG offers custom designs that reflect the unique identity of your business.

Christmas 2S popup card

You can choose from a variety of greeting card designs to suit different recipients and events throughout the year. Whether it’s for birthdays, International Women’s Day, or Christmas, you can select specific card styles tailored to different age groups and target audiences.

Moreover, you can simulate your company’s products or services in the form of a 3D model to create a greeting card, an event invitation, or a product launch invite. These cards can include personalized information such as your company’s name, brand colors, logo, slogan, address, and contact details, helping recipients remember your brand.

Professional Design and Crafting Process

HMG places customer satisfaction at the forefront. We listen and understand your needs, providing consultation and the most suitable design solutions based on your requirements and desires. Our design team works directly with clients to capture ideas and preferences, ensuring that each product reflects the client’s personal touch.

Once the idea is determined, our designers will draft and create a 3D card model on the computer. This process includes selecting colors, images, and decorative details to harmonize and accurately represent the highlights of the product at a realistic scale.

After the design is approved by the client, we craft a demo product to give the client a tangible preview. Following this, we proceed with production and crafting according to the order quantity. With a team of diligent and skillful technicians, each 3D card is meticulously crafted with high precision and guaranteed quality. Before delivery, every product undergoes careful quality checks to ensure there are no technical errors or defects.

After inspection, the cards are packaged according to the client’s specifications, typically with each card and envelope wrapped in a plastic bag for protection. Every ten cards are then placed in a larger plastic bag, and depending on the order size, further packed in cardboard boxes.

Selex Camel Electric Moto

Commitment to Quality and Customer Satisfaction

HMG is committed to using premium, environmentally friendly materials, ensuring that each card is not only beautiful but also sustainable and safe. We strive to deliver high artistic value in our products, meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

With continuous creativity and dedication in each product, HMG believes that every 3D card will be a memorable mark, bringing joy and happiness to both the giver and the receiver. HMG’s custom 3D card design and crafting service is not only a perfect solution for expressing affection and care but also a profoundly meaningful spiritual gift.

Our dedicated and professional staff are always ready to assist and answer any questions you may have. HMG understands that each customer feedback is the motivation for us to improve and grow further. Contact us today for the most attentive consultation and support to help you create wonderful and meaningful 3D cards with HMG.

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