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Invite Customers for an Event with 3D invitation pop-up cards

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The one thing that has bothered most event organizers is how to invite customers to an event. Although this may seem like a pretty straightforward thing, it’s actually something that most organizers fail to effectively execute.

Nevertheless, inviting customers to an event has become even easier if you have an invite card impression. 3D invitation pop-up cards not only provide information about the event but also show the product and service model that your company is providing to customers. Emulate the company’s logo or brand image in the pop-up cards by 3d model.

This means that you will need to categorize your customers into different groups. For example, segmentation by age, gender, loyal customers are a common practice done by most marketers when segmenting according to demographics.

This is important since customers of different groups will prefer different event invitations in terms of content. You can use other types of popup card models for each group.

Furthermore, sending custom event invitations conveys a message that the invitation is not just a simple invite card to every,  it demonstrates a great deal of interest in your clients. it makes the customer feel valued and makes them more curious to attend the event.

Crane truck models greeting card

Prepare different invitation letters and pop-up invite card for each segment

An event invitation for a customer who’s a teenager needs much livelier content than an invitation that is being sent to an adult. Important customer needs more high-end pop-up invite card designs. Sending an invitation which is tailored according to the group of the recipient will not only make sure that the recipient more strongly relates to the event, but will also compel the recipient to visit.

After you’ve identified the different segments to which your customers belong and have prepared the right type of invite pop-up card and message to send out the most relevant messages.

The first is to impress them with the model of the product and service in 3D pop-up, then the invitation information that can be the custom printed message.

When you need to emulate products, services, logos, brand logos as 3D invitation cards, please contact us by email for help.

We are specializing in designing and manufacturing pop-up cards according to the requirements and customs of businesses, we ensure the packaging, shipping support to all countries

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