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Manufacture Father’s Day 3D pop-up greeting cards

3D card father day

Father’s Day is a day to honor fathers and those who have a fatherly role such as godfathers, adoptive fathers, teachers…

Traditionally, Father’s Day is celebrated in many countries on the third Sunday of June. Families often celebrate by spending time together, giving gifts to thank, and feel a sense of importance of fathers in their lives.

Father is also your teacher, friend and companion in life. It can be said that a father is a source of motivation and a silent warrior, always ready to stand by his children in every challenge and difficulty. A father is not only the one who works and earns a living to support the family, but also the one who spends time and affection to care for, educate and build the personality of his children.

Father’s Day is a time for you to show your gratitude and love for them. He has worked hard to take care of and teach us many things in life. Besides gifts, when you use 3D greeting cards to express your love to Father, you will make them feel appreciated and honored on this special day.

3D popup card for father

Choose a gift for Father’s Day

There are many gifts you can give your Father on this special day such as: Leather wallets, belts, clothes, smartwatches… Health care equipment is an ideal gift choice. Meaningful and practical for fathers on Father’s Day such as: blood pressure monitor, massage chair, functional foods…

You can also gift your father with a trip to a place he always wanted to go or loved. Of course this trip will be indispensable for your mother, and your family, this will not only be A time to rest and relax, but also an opportunity for your family to bond more and create many beautiful memories together.

Gift for father day

Choose a 3D Father’s Day greeting card

We’ve included ideas that father’s hobbies, like golf, football, fishing, as well as personalized items that are for all fathers-in-law and even grandpas. If your father is a sports lover, you can choose 3D cards simulating his favorite sports such as soccer, boxing, table tennis, chess…

greeting card for father

If your father loves animals, you can choose 3D cards about his favorite animals such as 3D cards of dogs, cats, birds, and horses. Or animals that mean a strong man protects his family, such as elephants, dinosaurs, lions, tigers…

If your father loves growing plants, you can choose a 3D card simulating cacti that symbolizes the strength and resilience of the father.

You can also choose cards that simulate the love between father and son, or 3D cards of famous works such as 3D church model cards, 3D cards of Ben Thanh market, 3D cards of one-pillar pagoda…

3D cards are a gift with great spiritual value, which nothing can compare to. Surely your father will feel happy when receiving a 3D card that is meaningful and suitable to their interests.

Gift 3D card for father

Design and manufacture 3D popup greeting cards

We are a unit specializing in producing 3D cards for events throughout the year such as 3D New Year cards, 3D cards for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day; 3D Valentine’s Day card; 3D birthday cards…. 3D card designs are cut with laser machines and carefully assembled by diligent and skillful craftsmen.

In today’s modern life, 3D popup cards are one of the options to express your sincere feelings towards the recipient. Every time the recipient opens the card, the 3D model will appear gently and cause a pleasant surprise.

3D popup card for Father

Through 3D popup cards, businesses can use them to make thank you cards, invitation cards, and greeting cards. Each 3D greeting card usually consists of two main parts: a 3D model and content or business information.

3D popup cards for customers and partners with sincere wishes will become an unforgettable mark in the heart of the recipient. Each 3D card can convey brand images and messages about products and services in a delicate and formal way.

You need to design and manufacture 3D popup greeting cards upon request, please contact me at the phone number or email below the website, or leave a message for answers.

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