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Marketing ideal to customer in the Holiday season.

3d model popup card

In a digital world, integrated direct mail campaigns can help your business stand out this holiday season.
With many marketers focused on reaching their audience via email, paid online advertising, and social media, it’s tempting to avoid the “hassle” of direct mail. After all, sending digital communication is much quicker (and often less costly) than direct mail.

Simulate popup card 3d

However, digital isn’t always the best way to go, a direct mail marketing campaign can give your brand the edge it needs to motivate customers to take action.

The fact is direct mail can be powerful. According to the United States Postal Service, approximately 3 out of 4 direct mail customers receive and open their mail the same day it’s delivered. Add to this statistic the anticipation associated with holiday greeting cards or gifts and your direct mail campaign reaches customers at a sweet spot of high open rates.

How do you simultaneously craft an eye-catching direct mail marketing campaign by sending a greeting card marketing with an amazing? Make more of your customers’ attention with the popup model 3 dimension.
First and foremost, the purpose of sending postcards during the holidays is to deliver a holiday greeting and make a more friendly personal relationship with your customer or prospect.

Inside the greeting card is the image of your brand logo or your product is modeled in a pop-up model assembled from many small pieces of paper. We can simulate any shape with a 3-dimensional assembly model such as animals, construction works, vehicles, machines, furniture…

The holiday season is more demanding of your customers’ attention than any other time of year, with the added social obligations and related distractions. In order to not get forgotten in the Thanksgiving-Christmas-New Years blur, smart businesses use the holidays to keep their names in front of their customers and prospects.

Holiday popup card

Smart businesses sent Christmas cards but the really smart ones also send greetings on other holidays as well, including Thanksgiving, New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day. Different holidays need more other popup 3d cards appropriate to your business. Are you ready to reach your customers with a pop-up paper greeting card model? Please contact us or email us to help.

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