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Meaning and Symbolism Daisy Flower

This beautiful flower grows in various parts of the world and it is a common part of flower arrangements no matter what the occasion is. So, if you ever wanted to learn more about the Daisy flower symbolism this is a chance to do that.

Meaning of the Daisy flower

Flowers have a specific meaning and symbolism behind them that is a result of many years of cultural influences from around the globe. Flowers have many meanings and some of them are well-known while others not so much.

The symbolism of the Daisy Flower

Daisy flowers represent innocence and they are usually linked to children or newborns. These flowers were often used in flower arrangements as gifts for children and their parents. This flower symbolizes innocence because it is also a symbol of new beginning and we all know that children are our hope for a better day and are new beginnings and hope for the future.

The daisy flower is a symbol of a new beginning and it is a perfect gift for someone who is on the verge of a breakthrough in his life and is ready to make a big step towards the future. This flower can be a great gift for someone who just moved i to a new home or went to college.

Daisy flowers represent the new dawn and star of something amazing and new. They close their petals each night and open them up every morning, which can also be a symbol of a new beginning in life. Giving Daisies to someone who is making a big step forward is the best way to use this symbolic meaning.

Daisies 3D popup card

These gentle flowers represent true love and soulmates. Even though they are not that common as gifts for Valentine’s Day they can perfectly send a message of love and care to someone important to you. Daisy flower is going to be a perfect gift for your loved one and the message it is going to send is the message of true love and it is going to say “I care”, to the person you love.

Daisy flowers are also representations of harmony and balance that is telling in your life. These flowers can be great gifts for partners; especially if you want to say them you are happy and completely satisfied in your relationship. Giving this flower to someone you love is going to be proof enough that you care and that you would give everything you have to keep the things between you two the way they are now.

That is the reason why we made a 3D popup card with the model of Daisy flower.


Flower popup card birthday

They often use flower 3D pop-up greeting cards because of their meaning and symbolism to sent in some events such as birthday, mother’s day, valentine’s day…

Many organizations use flower 3D cards to greeting to their birthday employees, and partners. If you want to own custom-made flower 3D cards, contact me by email for support and to check out some recently new flower 3D card templates.


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