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Meaning and symbols of 3D Tulips popup cards

Tulips are a symbol of eternal life, because this flower usually blooms in the spring when is the colorful and lifeful season. It symbolizes fame, wealth and perfect love and has many different colors such as white, pink, purple, yellow, red, orange.

The red 3D Tullip popup cards

The red Tulips take us warm, sincere arrogance like the heart of the lover and passion and show a sweet charm. Sending a 3D popup card with bright red tulips will be a powerful yet delicate confession when you want to confess to your loved one instead of words about lasting love.

3D popup card

The pink 3D Tulip popup cards

The pink tulips symbolize perfect happiness. Similar to red, pink tulips are also used to show care and genuine love.

The pink tulips have gentle and dreamy colors, which shows the gentle and feminine care of the girl. If you give a pink 3D Tulip popup card to the girl you love, that means you are care or want to take care of them.

The yellow 3D Tulip popup cards

Yellow is always a dazzling bright color, the color of spring of the beginning year and of luck. The yellow tulips have associated with friendship, it should be used a gift to friends and relatives with meaning to add positive energy and freshness to the recipient.

Yellow 3D Tulip popup card expresses sincere, unrequited love. It also represents rejection in love. It is also a symbol of trust, belief, joy in life, so it is suitable for relatives, friends, birthday flowers …

3D flower card

The white 3D Tulip popup cards

The white tulips have long been an image of purity, innocence and purity, representing love and passion. Besides, it is also used as a substitute for a sincere apology or to explain misunderstanding or conflict to the recipient.

The orange 3D Tulip popup cards

The orange color represents overflowing energy, full of warmth, which is a symbol of warmth, happiness and charm. Most of the orange Tulips are given to married couples, and to express the warmth of marriage, wish them to understand each other better, to increase the bond between them.

The green 3D Tulip popup cards

These blue flowers are always the focus of all glances. They have meaning with peace and calm in life and are less known due to their rarity in nature. However, you can use the tulip flower popup cards in completely simple.

The purple 3D Tulip popup cards

The purple is often referred to as the symbol of royalty, power, elegance and serenity. It is also a symbol of romance and excitement. In the West, these flowers are often used as a wedding. With unique and gentle colors, it brings comfort to the viewer. The purple Tulip popup cards are the best choice for you on the opening store, housewarming, big events…

The black 3D Tulip popup card

A girl gives her guy a black tulips popup card which expresses her very strong love for her lover. On the contrary, if a girl receives a black Tulip flower, which proves that the girl is in his heart.

With 8 flower colors with the previous mention meaning, you can choose one or more of the Tulip popup cards to use in specific and appropriate cases. And you can also use a red tulip popup card to celebrate 1 year of your wedding (paper wedding).

Tulips 3D popup card

If you would like to have a 3D tulip popup card in different colors or reproduce a specific flower on request, please contact us for timely assistance.

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