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New Flower 3D Greeting Popup card to Happy Vietnamese Teacher’s Day November 20

A teacher often has many roles to play in a student’s life. They ignite the spark to follow their passion, teach them the difference between right and wrong, and if needed help them to overcome all the challenges like a true friend.

The role of a teacher in our lives cannot be described in mere words. They are not just our educators or mentors but are the pillars of society, who are working towards a future that is built on the foundation of education and knowledge.

International Teacher’s Day is on the 5th of September every year to celebrate, in Viet Nam, Teacher’s Day celebrates on November 20 to pay tribute to all the hard-working teachers who have and continue to work towards an educated society.

How Vietnamese students and teachers celebrate Teacher’s Day.

Instead of having classes, the whole teachers and students in Vietnam have a day off to attend an annual meeting to celebrate the teacher’s day. In the meeting, the teachers usually give speeches about the importance of education in the development of the country to encourage the students to study harder and become great person. There are also some performances from the students during the meeting, this is a great opportunity for them to show their talents and make the meeting more interesting.

The students show their love for their teachers by saying how much they appreciate the teacher’s work to give them knowledge and also teach them how to become good person. They give their teachers flowers and gifts as a thank you. There is a tradition on this day, people go visit their teachers so the teachers are quite busy when they have a lot of students through many generations coming to express their gratitude’s to the one who guided them on their education path.

3D greeting popup card

The teachers also get a lot of care from the parents and the government. If the children are in kindergartens or primary schools and don’t know how to express their feelings, their parents will do the job. They bring the kids to the teacher’s house with flowers and presents. Since Vietnamese people are told to respect their teachers since they are kids so this spirit is maintained from generation to generation.

On this day, students visit, give flowers to, and send greetings to the teachers who have been teaching them. Many people who are workers still come to visit their old schools and teachers, so this day also becomes an occasion for class meetings in which graduates reunite and relive old memories as well as talk about their current lives. In addition, this is also the day when the ministries assess and reward teachers who’ve performed well during the year.

Teachers’ Day is a way to thank and show your appreciation to your mentor for their guidance and help in shaping your future. In order to convey your gratitude and love for your teacher, the 3D Popup Greeting Card that you can use and send to your teacher.

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