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New Flower 3D Greeting Popup card to Happy Vietnamese Women’s Day October 20

International Women’s Day is on March 8, people in Vietnam also celebrate Vietnamese Women’s Day on October 20. Vietnamese Women’s Day is not a public holiday.

To celebrate this holiday, there are numerous activities around the nation on October 20th to celebrate the contribution of Vietnamese women. Some activities are more noticeable to be fairly exceptional, and these activities are not confined to families alone, but also to their own workplaces and society.

Awards and ceremonies were conducted by agencies and corporations to recognize remarkable women’s achievements and women in general. Women’s efforts and contributions to the country’s growth are lauded by society. The focus of the day is totally on ladies!

In addition, cultural activities are being conducted in public locations to encourage everyone to join hands and show appreciation for the ladies in their lives. Women are treated with dignity, and certain department stores or supermarkets provide special discounts to women, much to the delight of the ladies.

3D flower popup card valentine

On this day, the most frequent presents that a woman will receive are flowers and a lot of affection from her loved ones. Vietnamese Women’s Day is not only a day for women, but it’s also a day to remind us that women deserve love and respect in every moment of their lives.

Vietnamese Women’s Day (October 20) is among several occasions on which society shows its love and respect for women. It’s the day for everyone to grandly celebrate and cherish the women in their life and remember all the sacrifices women have made.

These 3D Popup greeting cards are the best messages and gifts that you can give to your mother, wife, lover, friends, and colleagues.

Carnations 3D popup card

HMG Popup paper customer support service

– Design stage: the team is always learning to update the trends in design and paper 3D model structure, thereby creating impressive and beautiful 3D greeting Popup cards that suit the requirements of customers in terms of aesthetics, color, and brand name.

– Craft and product KCS: After being designed and shaped, the details are cut by a high-speed laser machine. The worker team will perform the craft in carefully, diligently, and meticulously, to create the most complete 3D greeting pop-up card.

The KCS team will check each card with criteria such as opening and closing slightly, the pop-up model showing all the details, and a strong connection.

– Packing and store in stock: Each 3D card have been carefully inspected, and will be packed into each plastic bag, including 1 3D card and an envelope. Every 10 packs are packed in a larger plastic bag to store in the warehouse with the right temperature and humidity.

– Packing and shipping: Depending on the number of orders and requirements, large packages will be packed into standard cartons for transportation. Each box is marked for inspection, and labeled with color-graded products for different countries.

HMG Popup Paper

Customers who need to design and manufacture 3D cards on demand, need to answer questions or receive 3D greeting card samples, please contact us by email or phone number in the contact section: https://handmadegifts.com.vn/contact-us/

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