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Popular Flower 3D popup greeting card for mother’s Day

3D Flower popup card

Flowers are one of the best Mother’s Day gifts for the special women in your life. There are many flowers suitable for Mother’s Day, but some types below are most commonly used to convey your love and appreciation.

If you are thinking of getting a bouquet for Mother’s Day. Flower bouquets are a wonderful way to tell your mom how you feel about her, each flower has its own special meaning, and the right bouquet can show your mom just how much you love her. When choosing a bouquet for Mother’s Day, it’s important to consider the symbolism and meaning behind the flowers you choose

Carnations are traditionally the official flower of Mother’s Day. It has come to signify purity, faith, love, beauty and all the traits that represent the virtue of Motherhood. Carnations are available in a variety of colors and are one of the longest-lasting flowers! The most popular options to celebrate this occasion are the pink and red carnations.

Pink carnations symbolize a mother’s pure and never-ending love. They can be used to express appreciation and thankfulness. Red carnations symbolize sincere love, affection, and admiration.

3D popup card

Tulips are an elegant choice for gifting, and they happen to be in season during Mother’s Day! This flower represents perfect love. Most colors of tulips are suitable for the occasion, and the choice of color depends on the exact message you would like to send.

Pink tulips represent affection, good wishes and health; Red tulips symbolize romantic and passion, perfect for showing your wife appreciation; Purple tulips represent elegance and royalty, making it a great choice for your mother-in-law; Orange and Yellow tulips symbolize happiness, joy and hope

3D flower popup card tulip

Lilies are one of the most beloved flowers by many mothers due to their large bloom size and beautiful shape. Coming in a variety of colors and species, they are associated with good fortune, happiness and Motherhood. However, this flower is toxic to cats and carry a strong scent. Hence, if your recipient has a pet cat or is sensitive to scent, it is not recommended to send it to her.

White lily represents purity and majesty; Pink lilies symbolize admiration, love and abundance

Lilies 3D card

Roses are a reliable classic bloom, however, skip the red, which is typically associated with romantic love.  Deep Pink Roses represent appreciation and gratitude; Light Pink Roses represent happiness, joy, and admiration; Peach Roses symbolize thanks and gratitude

With the word mum right in their name, chrysanthemums are another go-to Mother’s Day flower. Chrysanthemums, in general, symbolize optimism, joy and long life—making them the perfect touch for any bouquet. Show Mom your appreciation with pink ones, express loyalty with white ones, and give her loads of affection and love with pops of red.

A bouquet of sunflowers is sure to catch your mom’s eye! These large, yellow flowers symbolize adoration, dedication, and love. We suggest sunflowers for any occasion, but Mother’s Day especially!

Choosing the perfect Mother’s Day bouquet can feel like a daunting task, but with a little thought and consideration, you can create a gift that will be cherished and appreciated for years to come with a Flower 3D pop-up card. If your mum or grandmother has a favorite flower or color, choose that flower and don’t forget to add a specific message, to express your gratitude or love to her.

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