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Popup cards at the 2021 exhibition “Buffalo in Vietnamese life”

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On January 29, 2021, afternoon, at 50 Dao Duy Tu, the exhibition “Buffalo in Vietnamese life” was held. The Vietnamese Popup Card Company with the brand HMG Popup Paper is also honored to participate in contributing some artworks on paper for this exhibition.

There are more than 70 items introducing at the Exhibition, the animal, Buffalo, for this new year in Vietnam “ Tan suu” is mainly introduced, that will be interesting in the unique, close and friendly image of Buffalo in space with deeply Vietnamese culture.

Besides the familiar images of buffalo shown on many different materials and images such as terracotta buffalo statues, sculptures, buffalo images in folk paintings, artworks and in the modern 3D popup paper is a breakthrough and the beginning of a culture that uses 3D popup paper to display in a new year time.

For many years ago, the buffalo image has become familiar and close to be shown in all areas of the Vietnamese spiritual life. The Buffalo represents the gentle and industrious nature of a farmer. The exhibition “Buffalo in Vietnamese people’s life” gets a message of wishing everyone a new year with happiness, good weather, good harvest putting away bad things and getting good things.

On the exhibition, you will be experienced, deeply acknowledge the unique, close and friendly images of the Buffalo image in Vietnamese culture. The popup cards are now used to give each other by many individuals, organizations and units in the new year. Nowadays, many companies, units have been using the popup cards showing their company icon for marketing, for greeting season, for souvenir …. That has only been popup cards.

Our company, established in 2013, specialize in designing and manufacturing pop-up card to server all object and be trust by many foreign companies and partners.

We always develop human resources, invest in the procurement of modern equipment with new higher capacity technologies to meet the growing needs of 3D paper card productions.
If you have a need to design and produce 3D popup greeting cards or 3D popup models, please contact us at 0902123668 – 0918986889.

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