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Set of 3D birthday popup cards for friends and relatives

Birthday 3D popup card

Besides material gifts, birthday popup cards are considered spiritual gifts for sincere feelings and best wishes from the giver to the recipient. Therefore, on the birthday of your relatives, friends, colleagues… you should send them meaningful wishes on the beautiful sparkling birthday popup cards.

However, the nature of giving gift and congratulation have been fading, that not be gradually much special meaning in the anniversaries. Therefore, the birthday popup cards are important for you to express your heart in the most sincere way.

Commonly used symbols for birthday popup cards are cakes, candles, flowers, or cute animals with the words happy birthday.

Choosing a design 3D popup card that the recipient will like

The design of the birthday popup card is very important. Therefore, you need to know the interest from recipient, then you can choose the accordingly popup cards being suitable for them. If they are children, the most cute and colorful designs will be given priority. If they are close friends, the popup card should have lovely and funny designs.

For the adults, it is advisable to choose light and simple designs that are universal. When choosing 3D popup cards for parents, you should choose polite card templates, elegant colors. When giving a female colleague, you should give a flower-shaped popup card with bright and gentle colors.

To add meaning and create special significance, more and more people are using 3D popup cards for happy birthday. These are the beautiful and unique popup cards to send to relatives and friends with your meaningful congratulations.

Birthday 3D popup card

Birthday 3D popup card

Meaningful happy birthday wishes wards

  • Happy Birthday. Even if we are not together, I will always support you.
  • Happy Birthday. More one year, Let’s spend carefree and energetic days together!
  • Happy Birthday. Wish you always beautiful and happy; and always love life.
  • Wishing you a wonderful time with your friends and loved ones on this important day. Wish you always success and happiness in life.
  • One year has passed. Hope your dreams and expectations come true. Happy Birthday
  • Happy Birthday! Happy birthday, warm, full of love and laughter. More age, more happiness, more joy
  • Wish you always beautiful, gentle and shining like now and in the future. Happy Birthday.
  • Happy Birthday! You worked very hard this past year. Wish you more success.
  • Happy Birthday. I wish you health and further success.
  • Happy birthday, good health and successful career. May all your dreams come true
  • Stay positive and always believe in yourself! Happy Birthday.
  • Happy Birthday. A warm day filled with joy and happiness

Birthday 3D popup card

Birthday 3D popup card

Birthday 3D popup card

Designing and manufacturing 3D cards for businesses
As a leader and manager of an Enterprise, you can use 3D birthday popup cards to give to your employees, partners or customers. You can use models with birthday themes and brand images such as colors, Logo to add in the card with information and wishes.

You can also simulate your product, or service as a 3D model to introduce to customers, which will use as a unique and impressive 3D invitation popup card or 3D flyer.

You can refer to more 3D birthday card products at this link: https://handmadegifts.com.vn/birthday-popup-cards/; or refer to the business 3D card products we have made here: https://handmadegifts.com.vn/product-category/custom-3d-popup-card/.

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