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Set of 3D popup cards for International Children’s Day on June 1

Did you know that the United Nations has decided that November 20 was Universal Children’s Day, but they had let the member states to choose their own children’s day.

Children’s Day or International Children’s Day is a commemorative day in honor of children worldwide. Celebrated as part of the 1925 Proclamation in Geneva at the World Conference on Child Welfare, the day is observed on different dates in different parts of the world. Some countries celebrate it in June, some in November, but the aim of the day has always been the same.

On this event, the United Nations wishes to create the world’s attention for the rights of children and promote efforts for the development of children, especially in the fields of education and health. International Children’s Day is a holiday for children, for the future generation of mankind, and also a day to remind everyone to better protect and take care of children.

Some countries like ours have chosen International Children’s Day to be celebrated on June 1 every year. On this event, organizations often have music, television programs or various activities related specifically for children.

International Children’s Day 1/6 also is the time, summer break for children, which children are very excited and expect to receive gifts from their parents and relatives. Giving gifts to children is one of the jobs from many families to make them the most funny and happy. Some families even organize children to go on a family picnic.

On this occasion, organizations and units often organize programs to guide children on children rights practices, life skills, self-protection skills, prevention and control of child abuse, accidents and injuries, and child-related issues appropriate to the age, maturity and development of the child.

Organizations and programs can use simulated 3D popup cards about summer vacations, beautiful landscapes, tourist sites, relics… To give children and wish them have a good time, have a fun and happy summer vacation with your loved ones. Gift giving is a common practice on International Children’s Day. No matter what the kids’ hobbies are, there is always something appealing to them.

The 3D greeting cards suitable for the occasion of June 1st can be 3D graduation popup cards for seniors of primary school. The school or parent association can have designed and ordered 3D popup cards with printing messages about the course year, school, class, homeroom teacher name…. for memory in their heart.

You can also choose 3D popup cards simulating lovely animals to help children acknowledge the animal world; 3D popup cards that simulate characters in fairy tales, cartoons for large kindergarten or in elementary school. For children of older ages, you can buy for them a collection of 3D sports popup cards, famous construction ones, graduation ones … suitable for their age and their preferences.

3D card horse pony

Popup card for girls

Popup card for girls

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