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Symbol and meaning of dog and 3D greeting pop-up cards

Dog 3D popup card

The Dog is the first domesticated animal, and is symbolically associated with loyalty and vigilance, often acting as guardian and protector. Dogs are portrayed as guides and companions, hence the notion of “man’s best friend.” Often associated with art and cunning, as it can be trained to do the greatest variety of jobs.

Throughout history, Dogs played an essential role in our society—an entire dog culture formed during centuries. Dog symbolism is a constant reminder of unconditional love and loyalty.

Dog Symbolism, Dog Meaning, and Messages

In general, Dog symbolism is a reminder that kindness will often get you a lot further than criticism. In other words, Dog meaning prompts you to allow yourself to be gentle with those around you. Moreover, you should accept that their paths are not necessarily similar or conjoined with yours.

In some cases, Dog meaning can also be a reminder that you should always be loyal and truthful to yourself. Therefore, you should make a point of being your own best friend. Furthermore, by having self-respect and self-value, you can love yourself first. This trait is essential for you to be of great assistance to others. In particular, when you have self-esteem, it will assure that others will respect you.

Occasionally Dog symbolism can represent confusion about your loyalties, beliefs, and commitments. In other words, when you try to be everything for everyone, you end up losing sight of yourself. The only way to resolve this is to put yourself first and foremost. Thus, by letting go of everyone and everything else, you will be able to piece together what is right for you. Only with loyalty to yourself will you be able to grow and move forward.

Dogs as a Symbol of Loyalty

Dogs are loyal to anyone they see as their family. There are countless stories throughout history of dogs staying by their owner’s side even at great risk to themselves. If the dog power animal comes into your life, it may signify that you are a loyal and true friend. People who are experiencing loneliness or a betrayal may find the dog totem appearing in their lives as a reminder that loyalty exists.

Dogs as a Symbol of Trustworthiness

Dogs are steady, reliable animals. Working dogs spend long hours in the field and never hesitate or complain. Dogs are also incapable of guile or deception. This animal totem may appear in your life if you are feeling like those around you let you down or are not doing their fair share of work. People who identify with this aspect of the dog spirit animal are good at accurately judging their capabilities and keeping their promises.

Dogs as a Symbol of Protection

Historically, humans have relied on dogs largely for protection. Some breeds, known as livestock guardian dogs, were bred to live with flocks of sheep or goats and protect them from predators. If you find yourself identifying with a livestock guardian breed, or a protective breed like the German Shepherd Dog or Rottweiler, it may mean that you feel vulnerable and in need of protection. It can also mean that you are the protector, taking care of those around you.

Dogs as a Symbol of Unconditional Love

Everyone who loves dogs has experienced the truly unconditional love that dogs give their family. Even if their owners let them down, dogs still love. The dog power animal is a symbol of this unconditional love. If the dog totem enters your life, it means that you have a big heart and a lot of love to give. If you have been afraid to connect with others, it may be a sign that it is time to let go and open your heart.

Dogs as a Symbol of Perseverance

The adjective “dogged” is used to describe someone who never gives up even when exhausted. This is not a coincidence. There have been amazing stories of dogs continuing to work well past the point of exhaustion. The dog totem can symbolize this kind of persistence. If it comes into your life during a difficult time, it can be a sign to continue on no matter what.

Dogs as a Symbol of Playfulness

No matter how hard they work, dogs always have time for play. Whether it’s chasing a ball or wrestling on the floor, they approach it with joy. The dog spirit animal reminds us that it is always important to take some time to enjoy life

A 3D greeting pop-up card with the Dogs

Dogs are recognized as man’s best friend, for a good reason. They are the very definition of unconditional love and loyalty, remaining by their masters’ side. So why we made some pop-up greeting cards with a Dogs in 3D model.

The Dog 3D Pop-up use for Happy Birthday Greeting Card, and perfect for dog lovers. This card folds flat and when opened reveals a 3D model of Dog so cute.

+ 3D popup card with a Dalmatian

Simulating a 3D model of Dalmatian in white coat and covered with black spots, the little dog is playing with a ball at his feet on the green grass.

pop up 3D card

+ 3D popup card with a Bulldog

In dark yellow color and saggy face, muscular body has fully simulated the characteristics of this dog.

3D card bully dog

+ 3D popup card with a Golden and the boy

Simulated a Golden with long yellow fur, he is very sociable and loves children

In addition to the above 3D card model of dogs, we also have other 3D pop-up cards with dogs or other animal models. If you need to make 3D Pop-up cards as required, please leave a message in the contact section or email us at: Popupcard3dvn@gmail.com.


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