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The culture of sending Christmas cards in some countries

Currently, the market of Christmas cards for Christmas – noel 2017 has caught the bustle. With the market of greeting cards, the market of popup cards is introduced some of the products on our website and some others which cannot post pictures due to copyright commonly as other units.

Do you wonder if custom gift cards in the noel season mean like in other countries, especially in Europe? What is the color and theme of each country?

Through this article and in the fact of providing popup cards to the markets of some countries, we would like to be displayed for your finding.

For the French: Christmas cards are only used and donated to their closed neighbors or closed colleagues, which is the cultural characteristic of the French, not be flirtatious and give away cards. Once receiving a card from someone, they often wonder if the sender and where they are familiar to return the gifts for suitable.

For the Russians: their custom is usually printed the old Snowman riding reindeer with a gift bag or snow princess next to Santa giving gifts to children.

Greeting card Christmas 1

For the Japanese: They always send the card for Christmas and New Year greetings to all employees in their Company, to partners who have collaborated with them, and to loyal customers. However, the difference is that they do not use greeting cards with red color, instead white cards symbolized purity, or maybe the appearance of a bit of pink flowers Cherry.

Greeting card Christmas 2

For the Americans: they often lead to the warmth of the home, so there is usually the image of the house, warm fire in the snow.
For Germans: Cards are used with many wishes for New Year and Christmas season, they are usually sent by mail for relatives, friends and colleagues.

Greeting card Christmas 3

In Australia: Kangaroo is Australia’s mascot. The emblem of the watercolor picture is Kangaroo, so in Christmas cards they often have this special animal image.

Greeting card Christmas 4

In our homeland Vietnam
The celebration of Christmas is of great importance to Catholics, today it is more widespread and popular and becomes a culture not only Catholic but also young people who are eagerly waiting. Christmas has become more familiar to everyone and gradually became a cultural feature so that friends and relatives have the opportunity to meet and have funny together.

Moreover, this is also a chance for businesses to send gratitude cards to customers, partners or discount events for PR to attract customers, and also the opportunity for many young people try business as selling souvenirs, service of Santa Claus presents gifts at home …

Christmas Popup card 3D

Santa Claus Christmas card

Hurricane lamps and pine tree

In Vietnam, Christmas cards often use images of the West such as Santa Claus, reindeer, Santa Claus by the chimney or gift boxes, pine trees are fully exploited with many models.

Do you know that the use of greeting cards is a low-cost PR tool to be impressive and effective. Products and logos under 360 popup cards are designed and simulated being unique, creative depending on the needs and ideas of enterprises who want to describe and introduce their products.

If you need to design and produce greeting cards on request, please contact us at 0902123668/0918986889 for more specific advice.

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