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The popup card for St Patrick’s Day

Patrick Day

St. Patricio Day or St. Patrick’s Day is a worldwide religious and cultural day on March 17, celebrated in many countries with a variety of festivities and church mass.

This holiday has been celebrated with special solemnity by Irish living in all over the world such as the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Newfoundland, Labrador and Montserrat, they have done so celebrated around the world.

Green is considered the color of Saint Patrick’s Day. On this day, you can see green everything, from foods like cakes, beer or hair. Even the rivers, memorials and ski resorts turn to green for celebrate this. According to legend, Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, used the 3-leaf clover growing on this land, for his sermons to explain to the people the “Trinity” – father, son and saint in Christianity in the 5th century. Until now, for the St. Patrick’s Day on March 17 every year, the Irish community have still worn green clothes with the shape of a 3-leaf clover to memorize this legend.

3D greeting popup card Patrick day

Every year on St Patrick’s Day, the Irish community still maintains the tradition of wearing a green dress with the shape of a three-leaf clover to commemorate this legend. The three-leaf clover has also become a symbol of faith, hope and growth in Ireland. Some people decorate 3-leaf clover on their face and choose sophisticated clothes which must be first requite green. The main point of ceremony is parades with many participants who dress up many different characters in green cloths, then they eat together traditional dishes, Drink beer and enjoy music.

3D popup card for Patrick day

Today, the Irish community in many parts of the world such as the UK, USA, Canada, Belgium, Russia, Japan… all celebrate this holiday. Every year, on March 17, millions of people flock to Fifth Avenue in New York, the Schuman area in Belgium or Trafalgar Square in London to witness the parade. In Chicago, the whole stream of Chicago is dyed an impressive emerald green. In Japan, Saint Patrick’s Day also dyed the whole neighborhood of Harajuku, Tokyo green with a parade and loud band.

Therefore, the need to use popup cards for St Patrick’s Day in the world is also used by many people in many countries to share the luck for family, relatives, and friends and colleagues in the world on this St Patrick’s Day!

St Patrick’s Day 3D Greeting popup Card

Using 3D popup cards on St. Patrick’s Day with an elegant and sophisticated style that will surely be received by the recipient. Some businesses are already using 3D popup cards in their outreach strategy with St Patrick’s Day symbols such as Celtic knots and clover leaves as borders for key designing elements.

3D popup card Patrick day

St Patrick’s Day has become an event where people can send 3D St Patrick’s Day greeting cards to friends, family, colleagues, and more. The 3D cards are simulated with lucky symbols, good omens of faith, hope, love and luck for the recipients of the 3D Popup cards celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.

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