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Update the latest templates of 3D birthday popup greeting card in 2023

Birthday 3D popup card

A birthday is the anniversary of a birthday person who sent birthday gifts, birthday cards, from relatives, friends, colleagues.
Every passing birthday is a time to mark you have added a new age, a time with your friends and relatives to recall the past considering how to grow, study, work and have relationships in the last year, as well as your wishes, and plans for the future

Birthday 3D popup card

In the birthday party, the owner often receives small gifts, flowers and especially birthday cards with good wishes from the giver. This is the time when you, your family members and friends gather together to send wishes, share joy, bond each member’s feelings and wish each other good luck in your life.

3D Birthday Card

Your birthday marks your presence in the world, it’s a sacred moment that means a lot to each person. Birthdays are also an occasion for us to remember the merits of our parents’ birth and upbringing in the past years.
If you are choosing a unique and meaningful birthday popup card to give to your friends and relatives, then immediately refer to the latest templates of 3D birthday popup card that we have just designed and crafted so far on March 2023.

Birthday 3D popup card

You can choose the template popup cards with fun images for friends and colleagues of the same age, choose cake or flower images for the older people. In addition, you can also choose 3D flower popup cards with the flowers that coincide with their birth month. Sending a fancy card is a pretty traditional way to mark the big occasion. But these cards can be precious keepsakes too. Just like photographs, cards can be cherished to remind us of significant days, but they also hold the lovely messages written by our family and friends.

Birthday 3D popup cards

Giving a birthday 3D greeting Popup card or normal greeting card will always be more personal than a digital counterpart. It feels more genuine and nurtures real human connections especially when it’s not possible to physically see family and friends. Keeping in touch with loved ones is undeniably important and a birthday card is a thoughtful way to nurture the bond you have. Currently, the trend of making themselves the birthday cards to their friends and relatives is also done by many people, they can buy materials to make a birthday card, or decorate more on the cards available for sale.

Birthday 3D popup card

With 3D popup cards, you can decorate with glitter, needles inside the popup, or tie more bows, or add flowers outside the cover. And don’t forget to write happy and best wishes for their birthday.
Currently, the trend of using birthday cards to employees, customers and partners is also interested in many businesses and gradually becomes an opportunity to strengthen relationships with employees and customers in a more positive way; is also an opportunity to expand, market and promote your business image by a 3D birthday popup cards.

Birthday 3D popup card

If you are a retail customer in Vietnam and want to see 3D birthday popup cards, please visit our booth on Shopee at: https://shopee.vn/thiepnoihmg. If you are a Business that wants to make 3D popup cards on demand such as product/service simulation, logo printing, congratulation content… please contact us for a specific quote depending on the number of orders, designs, sizes of 3D popup cards. We specialize in manufacturing for foreign businesses or OEM/ODM production and shipping to all countries. https://handmadegifts.com.vn/contact-us/
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