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Vietnamese Women’s Day celebrated on October 20.

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International Women’s Day is celebrated annually on March 8, and Vietnamese Women’s Day is celebrated annually on October 20 to pay tribute to women’s efforts and contributions to the country.

International Women’s Day has been formalized by the International since 1977 and is celebrated on March 8 every year. This is an opportunity to honor the contributions, sacrifices and great contributions of women around the world to the development of the country in general, regardless of age, race or skin color. , language or culture.

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Vietnamese celebrate also on March 8, as in other countries. Vietnamese Women’s Day On October 20, 1930, the Vietnam Anti-Imperialist Women’s Association (currently called the Vietnam Women’s Union) was officially born. To commemorate this event, the Communist Party of Vietnam decided to choose October 20 every year as Vietnamese Women’s Day, to honor and recognize the important role of women in building and protecting women. country.

On these days, activities to celebrate October 20 in Vietnam are very noticeable, a number of activities related to women have taken place to honor women, and many agencies and companies have organized events. award ceremony for women who excel or achieve achievements in certain fields.

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Agencies, unions, and organizations can use flower 3D pop up cards to send gifts and congratulate individuals in the group who have had many good achievements or contributions in recent times.

This is also an opportunity for men to express their feelings, and send love, and meaningful gifts to their women, be they mothers, wives or daughters… and it is also an opportunity for them to realize that we should cherish the women around us because they are always “half the world”.

3D pop up cards can help you express and show your feelings towards many different people, such as Mom, wife, colleagues, friends…

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Many stores, supermarkets, and shopping centers have used 3D pop up cards to give to female customers when visiting and making purchases.

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When your business sends a thank you, happy new year, or happy birthday to customers, it will make a good impression on them and engrave the business’s brand image in the minds of customers.

With the content inside the 3D card being an outstanding 3D paper model with images of new products or simulating the services your business is providing, it will make an impression and encourage customers to share that greeting card with others. their relatives.

3D Pop-up greeting cards also bring value in marketing and promoting brand image. This is a new, unique, elegant, delicate and very skillful approach that helps customers feel like they always receive many benefits when using products and services from your brand.

With the strategy of promoting products and brands through images simulated on pop-up cards to send to customers, this is a new and smart choice in the modern marketing era.

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