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What Is the National Flower of France and a 3D model flower greeting cards

France is one of the richest and most beautiful countries in Europe and the whole world. It has his own national language, culture, and national symbols. The National Flower of France facts, Origins, and its history. So without any further delay, let us continue on Iris flower and the 3D model of Iris flower simulated in a greeting card.

The iris is France’s national flower, and a stylized version of the flower is used for the country’s insignia and national emblem. The iris, or fleur-de-lis, has been used to represent French royalty since the 13th century and is said to signify perfection, light and life. In heraldic designs used by the French monarchy, the three petals also represented wisdom, faith and chivalry.

The iris flower was named for the Greek goddess Iris, who was a messenger on Mount Olympus. The flower was the symbol of idea and message in ancient Greece. Men planted an irises on the graves of their wives and lovers in ancient Greece as a tribute to the goddess, who led the souls of women to the Elysian fields.

The iris was also adopted by the ruling class of the Roman Empire and eventually came to symbolize the predominantly Catholic French kingdom. While the French did not formally adopt the fleur-de-lis as a heraldic charge until the 12th century, as an emblem it has been found on coins and seals as early as the 10th century in France, England, Spain and other countries.

Iris is the national flower of France since the 13 century. The people of France called the Iris with another name fleur-de-lis (in french). It consists of three petals and the three petals represent, wisdom, faith and chivalry. Iris is highly popular and is the most loved flower in France. In the ancient tradition of France Iris symbolize and is considered as the messenger of love.

Iris Flower Meanings & Symbolism

Irises comes in a rainbow of colors, and each one has special meanings

Blue Iris Flower Meaning: A blue iris symbolizes spiritual faith, trust, and loyalty.  In addition, blue irises symbolize faith in your spiritual path or that of a loved one

Purple Iris Flower Meaning: Purple iris meaning includes peace and harmony, as it blends two very different colors: cool blue and warm red. Therefore, purple irises as a symbol of goodwill, understanding, and forgiveness.

Red Iris Flower Meaning: A red iris symbolizes security, passion, and faithfulness in romantic love.

Orange Iris Meaning: An orange iris flower symbolizes courage and wellness.  They are also ideal symbols to build your own self-confidence and to energize physical vitality.

Pink Irises: A pink iris symbolizes renewed faith in love and in chivalry. Thus, they make ideal gifts for friends and family members who have had their hearts broken. The pink iris can help to restore their faith in love and healthy relationships.

Yellow Iris Flower: Yellow iris meaning includes optimism, purity, and passionate faith, and they are ideal symbols for regeneration and renewal.

White Iris Flower Meaning: The white iris symbolizes messages from angels, spiritual faith, and purity. In addition, white irises bring hope for new beginnings, so they are ideal flowers for bridal bouquets, wedding and baby showers, christenings, graduations, and retirement gifts.

Brown Irises: A brown iris symbolizes stability, security, and warm feelings.

Irises 3D popup greeting card

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