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Winter running tournament of HMG Sports Club

Winter running tournament of HMG Sports Club

Sports movement is considered an important factor and intangible asset that contributes to the strength and culture of the Company.

During with completion of production and business according to orders, HMG 3D Embossed Card Company always focuses on promoting activities to build and develop a corporate culture within the Company towards the 3-root tree foundation. Sending company employees to participate in training classes, and sports activities is an important part of the mental and physical development of employees.

In the welcoming atmosphere of Christmas, HMG company’s sports club continues to organize winter running tournaments to motivate and encourage the growing movement and aim to build a working team with good health.

The club was established and the first running race was held on July 20, and have been maintained continuously at weekly runs. Each member of HMG actively participates in physical training and sports, improving health and spirit.

This activity has created a new playground, and healthy entertainment, created close relationships and solidarity between employees and units in the Company, contributing to improving labor productivity and completing targets. manufacturing business.

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