Different from traditional flat cards, our 3D cards are sophisticatedly
and exquisitely designed.



Different from traditional flat cards, our 3D cards are sophisticatedly and exquisitely designed. The main material is high-quality art paper that not any kind of paper can meet.


Undergoing meticulous and manual production, each product is an exqui- site and unique popup card, impres- sing people right from the first time of opening the card.


Each card carries its own meaning, it can be deep gratitude, sincere thanks, intense love or good wishes to everyone.

HMG Popup Paper - Custom 3D Popup Greeting Cards Supplier

Our Company

Founded in 2013 with only 6 members. Up to now, the company’s staff has reached more than 70 personnel, divided into 6 divisions/departments along with many advanced machines.

Viet Nam Popup Cards And Handicrafts Joint Stock Company is an enterprise specializing in designing, manufacturing, and supplying 3D popup cards not only in the country but also in many other countries in the world. Handmade Gift’s card has covered over 20 countries and is appreciated by international friends for its quality and sophistication.


Our Vision

Bringing Vietnam 3D Handmade cards and affirming the quality of Vietnamese products worldwide. Building Popup Cards Company to become the number one company in Vietnam in designing and manufacturing 3D Popup Cards for export.

Our Mission

Create unique and meaningful 3D card designs that strengthen and bond the relationship between friends and family relationships. With the message of love “Say It For You” – our mission.

new Christmas 3D popup card 2022

Core Values

We always comply with the rule of IPDSI:
I – Integrity – Prestige
P – Proactive – Creative
D – Diligence – Responsibility
S – Sharing – Intellect
I – Improvement – Efficiency

Benefits of Our Services and Products

Viet Nam Popup Cards And Handicrafts Joint Stock Company is proud to be the leading supplier of 3D popup cards in Vietnam. We always listen to the needs of our customers, giving the first priority to reputation and quality of our product and service

Competitive Advantage

We have a design division with a team of highly qualified staff, meeting all the diver- se and complex design needs of customers.

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Product Quality

With the motto that product quality is the most important criteria, each card, after assembled, will be thoroughly tested before package.

gift-box 1

Process of Packaging

With more than 7 years of experience in setting up and operating the packaging process, we have the best way to minimize product damage during transportation.

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Customers Care

If any card is damaged due to manufacturing errors, we will make new cards for customers. If product quality is affected during shipping, we will always be with customers to solve the problem.

Our Partners

Our partners and customers come from more than 20 countries around the world, especially in the US and Europe and demanding markets such as the UK, Germany, Japan, etc.

Typical Implemented Projects

Images of projects, regional and international exhibitions that Handmade Gift has participated and performed.

Hanoi Gift show 2015

Tokyo Gift show 2016

Hamburg Gift Show 2017

Craftlink Gift Show 2018