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5 Mid-Autumn Festival gifts for children can’t be ignored

Mid-Autumn Festival Gift

Mid-Autumn Festival gifts not only create joy for children but also show care for children, bring laughter and help bond between generations with children in the family.

Mid-Autumn Festival in Vietnam (or Vietnamese Full moon Festival) takes place on the full moon night (15th of the Lunar August), the most charming and picturesque night of the year.

Every Vietnamese child dreams about an amazing Mid-Autumn Festival with his or her own brightly lit lantern, masks to join the festival of moon contemplating, going around with lanterns, lion dance, as well as holding parties with moon cakes and fruits.

This festival is mostly geared to children, parents can give children gifts to maintain and keep the history and culture of Vietnam. Showing our love for our children and teaching of Vietnam’s love for their children with gifts such as:

1 Types of Mid-Autumn Festival lights

Mid-Autumn Festival cannot be without the lanterns in the Mid-Autumn Festival. There are many types of lights used for the Mid-Autumn Festival such as star lights, carp lights, tick lights, military pull lights… and decorative lanterns with many vibrant colors. Children often use these lanterns and sing songs about the Mid-Autumn.

2 Lion head and mask

One important event before and during the Vietnamese Mid-Autumn Festival is lion dancing. Most children usually like the moon lamps, but some boys are more interested in the lion’s head.

Children will be more interested when wearing a lion’s head and mask to the sound of drums. The are many types of masks for boys and girls with different types such as “Teu”, Princess masks, or masks with funny characters and close to children in movies.

Mid-Autumn Festival

3 Drums

During the Mid-Autumn Festival, it is indispensable for the bustling drums to sound from the lovely small drums that will create a special flavor of the full moon night.

Lion dancing is an essential element of the Mid-autumn festivities. Groups of children gather, each carrying a small lantern or small drum in hand. Everyone sings along to the cheerful Mid-autumn Festival songs memorized since childhood

Mid-Autumn Festival Gift

4 Toys that stimulate intellectual and skill development

Children are very fond of handmade toys, you can buy a set of assembled toys to develop skills to train skillful hands and develop logical thinking in their brains.

Fairy tales illustrated with pop-up models or 3D cards with symbols of the Mid-Autumn Festival or lovely animals are also gifts to help children recognize and develop their cognitive thinking and knowledge of the natural world.

5 moon cakes

Each moon cake has its own sweet flavor, the Mid-Autumn Festival is an opportunity to enjoy baked goods and flexible cakes. You can choose carp-shaped mooncakes, pig-shaped mooncakes, or vegetarian cakes (without filling) because they usually don’t like to eat the filling but only eat the crust.

All across Vietnam, families welcome Tết Trung Thu by placing a five-fruit tray and cakes with has named “banh deo” and “banh nuong”. These cakes are molded with elaborate details of flowers, carp, and geometric Rounds or squares.

Mid-Autumn Festival is also considered a reunion day, this is an occasion for parents to give gifts to children, and give gifts to both parents because it is an opportunity for family members to return to their grandparents to bond and increase family affection.

On this day, grandparents can tell their children the legend of the lion dance and the native land, the legend of the moon, the story of the Jade Rabbit, and the story of Hang Nga, … to educate and maintain the character. this precious traditional culture.

Mid-Autumn Festival in Viet Nam

With that concept ideal, our company has crafted and modified 3D greeting cards for the Mid-Autumn Festival. Which are simulated with countryside by images of tall green banyan trees, children holding lanterns going around the banyan tree while joining in the game.

Mid-Autumn 3D popup card

3D card for mid autumm

If you are a gift shop owner and want to do business, or you are a business owner and want to give your partners and employees 3D cards on the theme of the Mid-Autumn Festival, you can order the design as required.

For more information, please contact phone number 0902123668/ 0918986889 or email Popupcard3dvn@gmail.com.

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